Monday, 23 June 2008

Lip Service

Sometimes we're so busy that we wish there was an easier way to apply lip gloss. All that faffing with the cap, twisting up the lippy, putting the cap back on... life's just too damn short no? But hey, guess what, those clever beauty brand people feel our multi-tasking pain! Avon have released Pro-to-Go, a lipstick that you open and push up in an easy one-handed motion - yay! Plus remember Bethany Hamilton, the teen surfer girl who survived a shark attack but lost an arm? She has a line of lip products called Stoked designed to be pushed up and down with one hand (leaving the other free to text, carry your Fendi-style box clutch or um, flip through Lula) available at And if you're the kind of apply-on-the-go girl who needs all her lip accoutrements in one place, L'Oreal Paris's Infallible Lip Colour is for you, it has a lipstick, lipbalm and lids that are fixed to a mirror compact. Now if someone could just invent a way to stop our hair sticking to our lipgloss our lives would be complete.


fashionista said...

wow that it's amazing..and yes i wish there is something to do about our hair sticking to our lipgloss!!

Katia said...

Ouh, that sounds like fun!
But I don't wear lipgloss because, exactly, my hair sticks to it, haha

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