Monday, 28 May 2007

Door Belle Beauty

Next time there's a knock at your door, don't be in fear of the Betterware man and ignore it! Tupperware isn't the only domestic delivery making a revival - for this is the age of the DOORBELL BEAUTICIAN (well that's what we like to call it anyway)! Like a noughties version of the Avon Lady - this pampering princess won't just deliver rose-flavoured creams and crusty out-of-date mascara - spray-tan, manicures and facials could be the order of the day if you play your cart right. With the click of the mouse, this time tomorrow you could be parlour-perfect pretty. Check out these beauties: - for super skincare treatments. - make-up and makeovers for girly gangs. - portable van with a spray-tan.

Happy Pampering!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Monkey Business

Interesting things are happening at Kipling. A sneak preview showed printed velvet and satin nylon bags for next season, not to mention printed trainers and even clothing in the offing. Want more good news? There's now a Kipling concession in TopShop, Oxford Circus.
PS Did you know the monkeys all have names and are named after the staff who work there…
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