Monday, 30 June 2008

Do try this at home: The scarf strap

Mark our words, old-lady silk scarves are going to be a biggy come autumn. And how could they not be? They're affordable, they're versatile and they're a change from those tatty Palestinian scarves we've been draping across ourselves for the last two summers. Silk scarves add a touch of dandy to a check shirt if you fold them up small (diagonally dummy) and tuck them inside the unbuttoned collar. Or wear them cowgirl-style to zhuzh up a tee or sweatshirt. Our favourite trick however is one we stole from bag bloggers Bag Snob. Fold your scarf into a strip and use it inside your clutch bag to turn it into a shoulder bag. Now this is what we call credit-crunch chic!



LML said...

wow! thats a really neat idea! ive never thought of that! thanks :)

Belle said...

Ohhh that is such a smart idea. I shall have to try this. It could make a simple clutch really pop.

-h of candid cool said...

that's pretty clever

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