Thursday, 21 February 2008

Gucci girls

A few people have been dissing the Gucci show but we beg to differ. Ok, it's not groundbreaking but frankly, we don't care! We're bananas about the Sienna-Miller-circa-2006 layering and the fact that poker straight hair has finally given way to natural unkempt waves. And the best bit is we've discovered the new way to wear your hippie scarf - on your, um, hips!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Crazy colour

Sorry for the protracted absence, we've had bronchitis and been working abroad! But we're back in action now. So what's everyone thinking about the dip-dye trend for spring - yay or nay? We're feeling a bit blah about wishy-washy dip-dye dresses and tops but jeans - yes please! Especially after seeing this shoot in Teen Vogue. To get the best effect a certain amount of colour coordination needs to be administered, isn't the fluffy bolero just heartbreaking?

We also love Susie Bubble's take on dip-dye with these tasty tights. Warning: make sure you use a strong colour unless you want to look like you've got a rare mutant-cell pigment disease.
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