Friday, 30 May 2008

Five Things To Do This Weekend

1) Stock up on American Apparel racer-back vests - size up for a loose fit but with a bikini top underneath for modesty

2) Dig out your old denim jacket but lop the sleeves off for an 08 twist

3) Dress up in your best prom dress and corsage to see Sex & The City

4) Buy some new sunnies - maybe these straight and narrow ones by Miu Miu (we're so over saucer-sized shades)

5) Wear your name in knitting - order one of Lady Luck's new handicraft necklaces

PicL Hedi Slimane/Italian Vogue

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Class of 2008

She's the girl we want to hate...but we just can't! Daisy Lowe is one of the stars of the BBC's new must-see programme Class of 2008 following five wannabe London creatives in their quest for the big time. Check it out here.


Monday, 26 May 2008

Going Forward: #9 Tammy

Ooh Tammy do love a prom dress! But we're totally not complaining. The preview for next season was big on girly frou-frou frocks and Luella-worthy hair accessories. The good news is some of this stuff goes in store very soon so keep your peepers peeled.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

How to become a fashion-editor-in-training

This is the time of year when all those months of stress and studying come to fruition. It's also the time to bite the bullet and start putting yourself out there. Whether it's work experience, an internship or a job, you'll need to brush up on your interview skills if you're going to take your place in the world of fashion and style magazines. Here are our expert tips to clinching the deal when it comes to fash-mag interviews.

Be organised
Being on time or even early goes without saying but why not bring some extra copies of your CV to hand to the interviewers? This makes their job easier and shows you're the type of person who goes the extra mile and pays attention to detail.

Research the role
If you're applying for work experience in the Elle fashion department, you won't be doing any writing, you'll most probably find yourself 'doing the cupboard' (packing and unpacking samples) along with eleven other 'workies' and should be grateful for it! Find out what you can about the job and company beforehand so you're clued up for the interview and won't be disillusioned.

Be passionate
You're there to prove that this is your dream job and you'll do anything to claim it. Tell the interviewers what they want to hear and flatter them - they'll love you for it!

Big up your blog
When asked if you have any online journalism experience don't just shake your head sheepishly, mention your fashion blog (but make sure you've updated it recently - they might want to read it)! This shows enthusiasm for your subject and commitment, two big plus points.

Learn some names to drop
If you're applying for a magazine job, you're bound to be asked your favourite magazines, designers, stylists and photographers. Learn a few obscure ones for brownie points (Vogue, Mario Testino and Marc Jacobs don't count) and commit them to memory so you don't blank out. If you do go blank, laugh it off and come back to it later on in the interview.

Act confident and you'll be confident
Don't say things like, 'I like to think I have a good eye' or 'I hope I'm organised'. Own your skills and talk them up - never put any doubts in the interviewer's mind!

Everyone fluffs their lines
If you make a major boo-boo just laugh it off and move on. Don't let it wrong-foot you.

Plan ahead
Think of the obvious questions you'll be asked and rehearse your answers. This in itself will give you the confidence that you know your stuff and will minimise last minute nerves.

Don't let nerves put you off
In a recent interview panel we took part in, fifty percent of the interviewees had raging red cheeks and eighty five per cent admitted they were nervous. This is entirely normal so don't let worrying about nerves make you even more nervous! Instead, smile. A lot. This will actually relax you as well as disguising your terror.

Don't babble
Nerves make people talk super-fast and waffle to fill awkward silences. If you catch yourself doing this just try to slow down your breathing and this will help calm your jitters.

Dress to impress
Sartorial no-nos include flip flops, bare arms, visible bra straps, too-short skirts, creased clothes and jangly bangles (too distracting). Avoid a t-shirts-and-jeans ensemble although one or the other is OK if they're highly fashionable and the rest of your outfit shows you've made an effort.

Ask intelligent questions
Always have two or three questions for the end of the interview. Do ask: Are there any opportunities to do extra work for other departments or on other projects? How many people are in the team? What positions have previous interns/assistants gone on to? Don't ask: When will I hear back? How many other people are you interviewing? What are the hours? Save these for the second interview.

Don't forget the beauty department
Free haircuts, make-up samples and spa treatments, hello - what's not to love?! Think outside the box and if you don't get that longed-for fashion internship, consider the beauty department instead.

Remember this:
Sometimes you still don't get the job, even though you were word perfect and the interviewer liked your dress. Don't beat yourself up about it. Quite often the interviewer already has someone lined up but legally has to consider other applicants. Or perhaps, a previous intern applied who already knows the ropes. Sometimes, it's just the way it is. Instead of dwelling on it, remind yourselves of the positives and pat yourself on the back for getting as far as you did. Then get back in the saddle.

Good luck!

(Pic: Teen Vogue)

Friday, 23 May 2008

Going Forward #8: Trainer Mania

We got a sneak preview of the new Onitsuka Tiger collection this week and we're impressed! Our feet are twitching for these new high tops which comes in guys' and girls' sizes...

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Five things to do this weekend

1) Buy a bumbag (fannypack) from American Apparel. It's official, they're back!

2) Knot a sweater round your shoulders, euro-tourist style

3) Lust after Fred Flare's faux sunnies. Kanye, what have you started?

4) Check out Agyness Deyn's singing on this video

5) Neaten our nails. Say yes to French manicures, nein to tatty talons!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Walker's Wonderland

So to the Design Museum to check out the Tim Walker exhibition 'Pictures'.It was amazing to see so much of his fantasy-fabulous photography all displayed together in one place but the best bit was surely the display cases overflowing with Walker's sketches, storyboards and scrapbooks. Looking at those you can really see how many ideas didn't make the shoot, there just wouldn't have been enough pages! (Nice to see someone still using Polaroid too...)

Accompanying the exhibition is a very expensive book and some highly collectable postcards. Conclusion: Get down there sharpish.

(Double click on the images to make them bigger.)

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Beth Rocks

Check out Beth Ditto at last night's Alexander McQueen shop opening in LA. Go ditto!

Pic: Delinlee at

Cheek to chic

We used to work with make-up maestro Daniel Sandler back when he was a mere make-up artist and not the creator of his own maquillage empire. Even then he was the loveliest guy and his make-up know-how is second to none.

Our best buy from his range? These watercolour liquid blushes - now in two new shades - perfect for pepping up a pre-summer pale-face.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Going Forward: #7 Asos Accessories

It's official, Asos is set to be the go-to brand for accessories come autumn/winter. Our wardrobes are crying out for their shoes - a footwear fest of bubble-gum patents, rainbow reptile-skins (fake of course) and punky skating boots. Plus, how couture is this belt?! On the designer front (yes, Asos keep adding to the high-end brands) we spotted these beauties by Chie Mihara - her 'thing' is comfort meets quality' so these heels are actually good for you! Allegedly.

Friday, 2 May 2008

New shoes

The fifties revival has been in full flow for several seasons - witness all the prom dresses and big skirt action that's been going on for like, ever. But we prefer the more tomboy version we've been seeing: big plaid flannel shirts, quiffy hair-dos and baggy 501s (turn-ups optional). We're also noticing great strides in fifties unisex footwear, namely moccasin flats, Bass Weejun loafers and Topsider boating shoes. Cuteness! The one that's really rocking our world though is the brothel creeper. Vagabond have excelled with their offering for next season (that's only *counts*, two, three, four months away), perfect with super-skinny jeans although we'd love to see more brothel creepers worn with short pouffy cocktail dresses like the ones at Luella.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Meet Henry Holland and get a leg-up on the fashion industry ladder!

Graduate Fashion Week (from 8-12 June) is fast becoming a must-visit on the London fashionista calendar. In the past it's been something of a hit and miss affair but this year it's upped its game. It moves to a new venue in Earls Court and has added an Education Day on 12th June for 14-18 year olds who fancy being the next Stella McCartney/Paul Smith. Actually, it's not just for future fashion designers, if you're interested in fashion marketing, promotion, PR, journalism or styling, you'll also be welcomed with open arms. And get this, there will be a careers clinic hosted by The Clothes Show's Caryn Franklin where industry insiders like Elle editor Lorraine Candy and fashion-editor-turned-designer Henry Holland will give advice and answer questions. The only snag is it's not free (meanies!) but £15 is a small price to pay for the opportunity to network like crazy and wedge your foot in the notoriously hard-to-enter door.

River Island will be sponsoring GFW and have launched their own Style Insider micro site to accompany the event. Not only will it feature live blogs, videos and backstage gossip but there will be competitions galore to win freebies and gift vouchers.

Visit www. and for more info.
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