Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Fake Flutter Debate

We've always been a bit sceptical (as well as nervous) about anything fake, especialy eyelashes. Branding them as the beauty item "reserved for WAGs, ex Big-Brother contestants, men in drag and seven year old sisters" they weren't exactly high up our must-have make-up list! But at a recent beauty event held by Eyelure (the leading fake lash brand sold in Boots and Superdrug) we were suprisingly converted. Cornered by Girls Aloud's favourite make-up artist Liz Martins, before we knew it our eyes were "dressed" in a pair of Naturalites (a.k.a the casual Juicy tracksuit version of fake lashes). Yes, they felt heavy at first and yes, we were blinking ten times more than we would normally, but after a few minutes we couldn't feel them and they made our lashes look like Penelope Cruz's on that L'Oreal advert! Even wearing them in public (try on the tube at 9.30 in the morning) they felt and looked natural - just very long, full and black - just the way we dream them to be! They might not be an everyday beauty staple, but for special occassions they are now definitely part of the "pair of heels and oversized clutch" dressing up gang.

1 comment:

fashionista said...

i'm not used to them at all,i only wore them in some special occassions,and yes they felt heavy and i was blinking ten times more than usually..but i love my eyelashes to look black and full!!

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