Saturday, 11 August 2007

Underage Festival

Yesterday dawned bright and beautiful for The Underage Festival in Victoria Park. Sadly, our press passes weren’t forthcoming but did we let that beat us? Hell no, we persevered down to Vicky Park to get what snaps we could outside the venue. (The age restriction was strictly 14-19 and fair enough, they were doing it for the kids ‘n’ all.) Getting there was a right palaver, we were sent on something of a wild goosechase betwixt Mile End and Bethnal Green but managed to snap three eighties-tastic fourteen year olds who showed us the way. Outside we accosted three too-cool-for-school guys – Jamie, Joe and Ali - who were a tad camera-shy but we soon got them posing like badass MFs. Seventeen year old Jack tried to play hard to get but like true paparazzis, we wouldn't rest until we got his photo. Well done us. Meanwhile, sixteen year old Roxanne worked her magic in head to toe monochrome - lovin' that hair!!

How gorgeous are Char and Tamlin? They were there to check out Crystal Castles and were ‘rocking a Sid n Nancy look’. Good work guys.

Three fluoro-teens

Jamie, Joe and Ali

Jack in black


Sin n Nancy stylee


pegah said...

roxanne is fit yo

Isabel said...

Sid and Nancy are fucking adorable!!!

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