Sunday, 19 August 2007

Catwalk To High Street

Asos had their Christmas preview a few days ago and invited us to see the new collection. First they impressed us with a raft of new designer labels including the new Sienna-and-her-sister collection Twenty8Twelve (verdict: pretty good so far), then we checked out Asos Luxe, its slightly more high-end range (lots of sequins and French-style ruffly chiffon frocks) and then they showed us their in-house catwalk. WHAT??? Yes, they have a catwalk. In. Their. Office! How mad is that? The catwalk is used to show each item on a model in a live setting and it’s run with military precision. Asos has 200 new deliveries a week so that’s a lot of stuff to be photographed. All we know is if we had a catwalk in our office we would get zero work done. We’d be too busy practicing our Naomi Campbell swagger (sans stumble) on that runway. Work it girls!!

1 comment:

Ana said...

thats pretty cool that you guys get a peek at the lines. i love doing model walks-its empowering. :-)

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