Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Show A Leg

Right, the autumn/winter season is kind of in full flow so we’re thinking about…Christmas! Ok, not strictly but we did happen to visit Urban Outfitters’ head office recently to view their Christmas collection. Very nice it was too with lots of black and lots of patent. In fact they assured us patent is going to be massive for autumn/winter– think wet-look totes and saddlebags in particular. Also big on the trend-o-meter is bright coloured tights. According to our insider at Urban Outfitters these will be the Palestinian scarves of the winter season. What else? Nu Grave is predicted (translation: glamorous goth) and shiny leggings…more of which to come.

Our next stop was teen paradise Tammy. Stop looking at us funny. Tammy is our secret shop where we go for super-cheap accessories and other irresistible bits and bobs. We accosted jersey buyer Jo Byrne for her predictions. Her big recommendation? Leggings! Yep, leggings are still kicking about but don’t stress. Tammy are rocking zip leggings for autumn/winter. Like, how fab is that? We can just see it, a cool slouchy mini dress, zip leggings, high-heeled shoe boots and a jaunty beret. Very nice indeed!

Pic: Emilio Pucci/www.vogue.com


Ana said...

oh wow nu-grave sounds delightful as do zip leggings.

penelope said...

i love bright tights!!!!!!! the zip leggings sound so fab! though i'm not big on the actual legging itself=p

WendyB said...

Love the colors in this photo!

Meghan said...

Eh, I'm not a fan of patent, but I love bright tights, particularly knit pattern ones.

In my book, Urban Outfitters can do no wrong. Even if some of their clothes would look more in place at a costume party, I still love them dearly.

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