Monday, 20 August 2007

Eau No Jordan!

Today sees the launch of Jordan's, oh sorry, Katie Price's new scent Stunning. To quote the busty one, it smells "sweet and soft with hints of jasmine and mandarin". Mmm...!?!

So why are celebrity perfumes so popular? We sort of understand the A-list allure of Kylie and Kate's configurations and can just about justify the glamour that comes with smelling like a superstar singer (new one's include Gwen Stefani's "L", Prince 3121 and M by Maria Carey), but when it comes to the desire of smelling like a D-lister, we're just baffled!!!

Since bottles of Jade's Shhh were spectacularly banished from shelves, WAGS and reality stars have been quick to fill in the space. Coleen McCloughlin, Shilpa Shetty and now Jordan are stinking out the high-street this summer!

Enough already...

1 comment:

l1zzy said...

haha I agree with the celebrity perfume thing. It's getting annoying and played out.

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