Friday, 17 August 2007

***Newsflash*** ***Newsflash*** ***Newsflash***

Hey, we told you! Printed denim's gonna be BIG and to prove it Cheap Mondays just showed these bonkers print jeans at Stockholm Fashion Week. Another crazy trend bubbling under right now? It's a bit sick but we're feeling clogs! Scoff you may but they're part of Gap's new autumn/winter collection and we think they might take off. (Er, we won't be wearing them though...)



Kat said...

I actually like those jeans, a little mad but still fun and quirky.

Yeah, those Prada shoes are a bit 'eeek' not my taste either. lasy winter i hate shoe boots or hight heeled oxfords, now I actually like them too!

LML said...

yikes! clogs - eww! what is the world comming to, and just when i though gap was staring to be good!
...i WONT be wearing clogs either...

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