Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Warm Up Act

Sweet baby Jesus, what in the world is up with the weather at the mo? Snow in October...are you crazy? When last night's impromptu blizzard took us by surprise, we wished we could have been wearing these natty boots that we spotted last week at the Burton press preview. The snowboarding boots come equipped with special Therm-ic heatpacks which can toast your tootsies up to 104° - like an electric blanket for your feet. How genius! Now if only Gucci could incorporate that technology into their studded shoe-boots ...

Friday, 24 October 2008

Bedtime Stories

When you're a celeb teen off-spring and pretty with it, you can more or less do what you want. Shoplifting, nudity, even marriage - anything goes, rules simply cease to exist. Which is how daughter-of-Sting, Coco Sumner came to be found wearing a ratty old PJ top over her Christophe Decarnin for Balmain dress at a recent launch. Sacrilege! With typical teen insouciance she protested, "It's not a fashion statement. I just saw it as I was leaving and thought it looked really comfy. And it is - plus I can put my Blackberry in the pocket!" We know pyjama-dressing has been pencilled in on the trend-o-meter for next season but this is ridiculous.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Halloween Queens

This Halloween competition at Lady Luck Rules OK is really killing us! It's a bit too late to enter now (sorry!) unless you're extremely quick but the competition was to describe your Halloween outfit in detail to win this amazing one-off dress. If you're going to a fancy dress party and can't get inspired, click on the link for some totally off-the-wall-ideas. They certainly put our 'ghoulish' bedsheets and half-arsed Michael Jackson 'Thriller' impressions to shame.

Too lazy to click? Here are some examples:
"This year I plan to dress as a decadently deceased Victorian opium addict. Black lace corset, ruffled layed skirts, feather and pearl fascinator and lace up vintage boots. My pale complexion will be off set by my wine coloured lip stick and deep purple and black shadowed eye sockets. As I stumble around, misty eyed, my words slurred my extra long fake lashes batting at anyone who looks like they can help, my wrists will jingle with vintage reclamation and steam punk bangles and chains, my various trophies from previous.....ahem.....conquests......Fingers heavy with silver and pearl rings, that match my velvet and silver choker, making me look unhealthily pale, I shall sip absinthe in the after life, hoping some day I might taste the smog of London in my lungs once more........"

" This Halloween I plan to dress as Alfred Hitchcocks finest and most glamorous character..Melanie Daniels, played by Tippi Hedren. But in true Halloween style I'm not just going to glam it up in her Jackie o style suits, I'm going to be Melanie post a good pecking. With one eyeball missing and chunks of flesh and clothing missing and a few nasty birds attached to me for good measure. My boyfriend is going as one of the evil evil birds!!!! Bring on the charity shop shopping, crafty Bird making and gallons of fake blood!"

"I'm going to go out this halloween dressed as one of the living dead 1950s housewives, complete with mouldy headscarf and fake slugs eating my arm. I'm also planning on creating some kinda crumbling hoover out of chicken wire to add to my awesome outfit!"

Happy Halloween y'all!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A jangle of bangles

Statement neckwear is so this season it's not even funny! If you haven't got a scarf-necklace yet (or a 'nerf' as it's been christened), try a bracelet-necklace instead. Make your own Dries Van Noten-inspired bracelet-necklace by stringing the biggest bangles you can find onto a length of velvet ribbon.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

We still love Alexa

"Sometimes I open a bag and it’s full of diamant√© jeans Victoria Beckham would love, and I think: “Why do you hate me?”

Poor Alexa Chung is being slated for her interview in this week's Times. Don't these people realise she's half joking? Duh. We still love you Alexa.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Klever Karl

That Karl Lagerfeld, is there no stopping him? (That's a rhetorical question obviously.) His latest creation is Kapsule, a new trio of fragrances launching in Europe this month and America at the end of next month. Buy it at Colette now.

Navaz talks fashion on The Asian Network

Navaz spent an hour talking all things fashion with DJ Nihal live on The Asian Network radio show yesterday as their Style Guru. After some idle chit-chat about the imminent opening of the Westfield shopping centre (literally round the corner from The Asian Network's BBC studios - it's going to be the biggest mall in Europe!), talk turned to fashion advice. Responding to emails from the public, Navaz and Nihal discussed everything from mens office-wear to statement heels.

Q: What's the key trend that women are wearing right now?
A: It's all about dressing from the bottom up, so that means statement shoes. Designers have gone for grown-up, glamorous dressing so a high heel is essential. Women love high heels because they make us more aware of our posture and our presence.

Q: What are your tips for dressing up for a night out?
A: The temptation is to buy an entirely new outfit but I think that's a no-no because you can end up looking like Victoria Beckham - stiff and uncomfortable. Far better to mix something new with an old favourite which inevitably has a bit more personality to it.

Q: I'm pear shaped and 5'2". What can I wear to look taller and sexy? I don't like heels.
A: That's actually a very common shape. If you're fuller around the hips and thighs, wear lighter colours on your top half. Tailored blazers that end just above the hips will balance your proportions but avoid cropped jackets (and tops) that end at your widest part. A heel will inevitably make you look taller but if you don't care for high heels just try a one or two-inch heel instead. If you prefer trousers to skirts, a boot cut will even out your proportions.

Q: I love wedges, are they sill in?
A: Wedges have had a good run but recently given way to high-heeled platforms in the popularity stakes. That's not to say you can't wear them, just that they aren't so widely available in the shops. The great thing about a wedge is it's more comfortable and easier to wear than a spindly stiletto.

Q: How can a guy look smart for work without wearing a suit?
A: Lose the jacket. Go for a perfectly-fitting slim-cut shirt and a skinny tie. It's a sharp Reservoir Dogs look that's not as stuffy as a suit.

Listen to the show here (it's three hours long so zoom ahead to 2.25):

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Talk about perks of the job, we hear that Asos shoes are test-driven by the Asos team after they've been photographed. Lucky things! If we worked for Asos, we'd be leaping at the chance to test drive these lovelies:

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

On our radar: Lily Collins

We are super-intrigued by nineteen-year-old Nickelodeon presenter, broadcast journalism student, sometime model and daughter-of-Phil, Lily Collins. We love her uncanny old-lady style (seriously, she dresses like a sixty year old... but in a good way) - pearls, blouses, pleated skirts etc and her blog. She's so nice! Can she be for real? She's also just had an interview published in the October US CosmoGIRL! with Scarlett Johansson. Just as well it came out this month as we just got news that CosmoGIRL! is folding. NOOOOO! Not another teen mag down the dumper!


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Trend alert: Cardigans

There's no mistaking that nip in the air. Despite the hazy sunshine we're feeling the chill and that means...cardigans! But the humble cardi has had a makeover. Instead of being a mere afterthought, this time around it's a firm fashion favourite in its own right. Three ways to wear:
*Layer two clashing-coloured V-necks together - one shrunken and buttoned-up, the other boyfriend-sized and worn unbuttoned on top with sleeves pushed up.
*Make like a lady and wear your fine-knit cardi cape-style draped around the shoulders. Accessorise with wrist-length gloves and a grown-up handbag.
*Soften a rudeboy jeans-and-button-down-shirt outfit with a girly cardigan. Try the new Commes Des Garcons for H&M fitted spotty ones due to arrive on 13th November. Add a bow tie or old school specs for added sweet-geek charm.

This week we're loving...

...models on magazine covers. Move over celebs, your time is up! This month Elle has Karolina Kurkova, Harper's Bazaar has Stephanie Seymour and Vogue has a trio of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jourdan Dunn and Eden Clark. Keep 'em coming please editors!
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