Tuesday, 14 October 2008

On our radar: Lily Collins

We are super-intrigued by nineteen-year-old Nickelodeon presenter, broadcast journalism student, sometime model and daughter-of-Phil, Lily Collins. We love her uncanny old-lady style (seriously, she dresses like a sixty year old... but in a good way) - pearls, blouses, pleated skirts etc and her blog. She's so nice! Can she be for real? She's also just had an interview published in the October US CosmoGIRL! with Scarlett Johansson. Just as well it came out this month as we just got news that CosmoGIRL! is folding. NOOOOO! Not another teen mag down the dumper!

Pic: Whowhatweardaily.com

1 comment:

Fulton said...

Wow, that last dress that she is in on the right is from target....like, ages ago. I know because I have it too, haha.

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