Friday, 17 October 2008

Navaz talks fashion on The Asian Network

Navaz spent an hour talking all things fashion with DJ Nihal live on The Asian Network radio show yesterday as their Style Guru. After some idle chit-chat about the imminent opening of the Westfield shopping centre (literally round the corner from The Asian Network's BBC studios - it's going to be the biggest mall in Europe!), talk turned to fashion advice. Responding to emails from the public, Navaz and Nihal discussed everything from mens office-wear to statement heels.

Q: What's the key trend that women are wearing right now?
A: It's all about dressing from the bottom up, so that means statement shoes. Designers have gone for grown-up, glamorous dressing so a high heel is essential. Women love high heels because they make us more aware of our posture and our presence.

Q: What are your tips for dressing up for a night out?
A: The temptation is to buy an entirely new outfit but I think that's a no-no because you can end up looking like Victoria Beckham - stiff and uncomfortable. Far better to mix something new with an old favourite which inevitably has a bit more personality to it.

Q: I'm pear shaped and 5'2". What can I wear to look taller and sexy? I don't like heels.
A: That's actually a very common shape. If you're fuller around the hips and thighs, wear lighter colours on your top half. Tailored blazers that end just above the hips will balance your proportions but avoid cropped jackets (and tops) that end at your widest part. A heel will inevitably make you look taller but if you don't care for high heels just try a one or two-inch heel instead. If you prefer trousers to skirts, a boot cut will even out your proportions.

Q: I love wedges, are they sill in?
A: Wedges have had a good run but recently given way to high-heeled platforms in the popularity stakes. That's not to say you can't wear them, just that they aren't so widely available in the shops. The great thing about a wedge is it's more comfortable and easier to wear than a spindly stiletto.

Q: How can a guy look smart for work without wearing a suit?
A: Lose the jacket. Go for a perfectly-fitting slim-cut shirt and a skinny tie. It's a sharp Reservoir Dogs look that's not as stuffy as a suit.

Listen to the show here (it's three hours long so zoom ahead to 2.25):

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