Friday, 24 October 2008

Bedtime Stories

When you're a celeb teen off-spring and pretty with it, you can more or less do what you want. Shoplifting, nudity, even marriage - anything goes, rules simply cease to exist. Which is how daughter-of-Sting, Coco Sumner came to be found wearing a ratty old PJ top over her Christophe Decarnin for Balmain dress at a recent launch. Sacrilege! With typical teen insouciance she protested, "It's not a fashion statement. I just saw it as I was leaving and thought it looked really comfy. And it is - plus I can put my Blackberry in the pocket!" We know pyjama-dressing has been pencilled in on the trend-o-meter for next season but this is ridiculous.


Pamela said...

This is a little bit ridiculous, she's taking the michael clearly. Though i have to say she manages to pull it of, the female dog! (I wouldn't want any children learning expletives from me! haha.)

idontgoto said...

she also wears - have a look!

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