Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Halloween Queens

This Halloween competition at Lady Luck Rules OK is really killing us! It's a bit too late to enter now (sorry!) unless you're extremely quick but the competition was to describe your Halloween outfit in detail to win this amazing one-off dress. If you're going to a fancy dress party and can't get inspired, click on the link for some totally off-the-wall-ideas. They certainly put our 'ghoulish' bedsheets and half-arsed Michael Jackson 'Thriller' impressions to shame.

Too lazy to click? Here are some examples:
"This year I plan to dress as a decadently deceased Victorian opium addict. Black lace corset, ruffled layed skirts, feather and pearl fascinator and lace up vintage boots. My pale complexion will be off set by my wine coloured lip stick and deep purple and black shadowed eye sockets. As I stumble around, misty eyed, my words slurred my extra long fake lashes batting at anyone who looks like they can help, my wrists will jingle with vintage reclamation and steam punk bangles and chains, my various trophies from previous.....ahem.....conquests......Fingers heavy with silver and pearl rings, that match my velvet and silver choker, making me look unhealthily pale, I shall sip absinthe in the after life, hoping some day I might taste the smog of London in my lungs once more........"

" This Halloween I plan to dress as Alfred Hitchcocks finest and most glamorous character..Melanie Daniels, played by Tippi Hedren. But in true Halloween style I'm not just going to glam it up in her Jackie o style suits, I'm going to be Melanie post a good pecking. With one eyeball missing and chunks of flesh and clothing missing and a few nasty birds attached to me for good measure. My boyfriend is going as one of the evil evil birds!!!! Bring on the charity shop shopping, crafty Bird making and gallons of fake blood!"

"I'm going to go out this halloween dressed as one of the living dead 1950s housewives, complete with mouldy headscarf and fake slugs eating my arm. I'm also planning on creating some kinda crumbling hoover out of chicken wire to add to my awesome outfit!"

Happy Halloween y'all!

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Copycat Sasha said...

Those costumes sound disgusting..but so cool too!

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