Friday, 14 September 2007

Beauty Is...

What is beauty? Is it a Marc Jacobs bag? A Chloe dress? Mischa Barton? Or is it a sunset, a smile, an energetic hug? Nivea asked us to take part in a panel discussion to debate the question over coffee and croissants as it launches its latest advertising campaign.

The debate was certainly thought provoking. As teen experts, our opinion is that today's beauty is about confidence. When it comes to outer beauty the recognised standard is conventional beauty - the straight-toothed, symmetrical-featured, size ten type of beauty - but surely this is starting to look old hat?

To us, modern beauty is unconventional beauty, an aesthetic where something unique stands out - think Amy Winehouse with her wacky hair and strong nose, Kate Moss with her child-woman look, snaggly teeth and unkempt hair or Lily Cole with her ravishing red locks, round face and long limbs. These days, beauty is not about so-called perfection, it’s about learning to celebrate our differences. Once we recognize this we boost our confidence and self-esteem and worry less about how people see us. (That said, a Marc Jacobs bag and a Chloe dress go a long way to supporting the cause!)

What's your definition of beauty?


Ana said...

to me beauty is imperfection. anything not quite right that leaves you blissful and inspired whether it be the happy beautiful girl you see on her dirty bike or something like a long wired fence with pretty birds gingerly perching on it. i dont like perfectly done things, flawless faces, or clothing.

LML said...

uniqueness = beauty to me! what makes someone different - a crooked nose, a mole on the face, freckles - thats what makes someone different looking from someone else. its boring to see clones or people who try to be who they arent meant to be.

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