Saturday, 22 September 2007

Antoni & Alison’s Anniversary Surprise

We haven’t always loved Antoni & Alison. Like Henry Holland, their witty slogan tees started to grate a bit after a while but this year celebrates their 20th anniversary in fashion so we decided to go along to their London Fashion Week show.

Well, it wasn’t a show in the regular sense of the word but oh my god, what a fantastic production! Set in the Curzon cinema in Mayfair, we entered the auditorium to be greeted by hundreds of multicoloured balloons and a cupcake on each seat from Lola’s Kitchen. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the show itself was in fact a home-made film called ‘The Party Portraits’, a kooky short film showing a woman getting ready to go to a party and practicing the gestures she thinks necessary for a party, starring none other than…Nicole Kidman! No kidding! Apparently Miss Kidman gave her services free as an anniversary gift to the duo.

Antoni & Alison have always stood out as a company doing their own thing and for that they have a huge following. Plus, it’s great to see something a bit wacky and different amidst all the conventional catwalk shows (even if the clothes were a bit bizarre). Happy Birthday Antoni & Alison!


Ana said...

Antoni and Alison have never been one of my favourite brands but they've always stood out to me as a brand that did its own thing.

Isabel said...

That's very creative. The balloons are a cute idea too!

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