Tuesday, 25 September 2007


We asked our favourite make-up artist Nadira what her favourite budget beauty buys are:

WET N WILD 3 of a kind, £2.49. A great multi-purpose stick for lips, cheeks and eyes. Choose from three shades to highlight and accentuate your features! Visit http://www.wnwbeauty.com/ for more details).

RIMMEL French manicure Nail Care in Rose Praline and Café au Lait £4.49. These are great neutral shades for everyday. The subtle colours are also great for hiding chips and polish blunders.

BARRY M Glossy Tubes £3.95.
It's an unspoken beauty rule that every girl has got to own at least one lip gloss for each day of the week. But with Barry M's candy-coloured Glossy Tubes you'll find a shade for every occassion too!

BOOTS Fragrance Free Eye Makeup Remover Lotion £1.49
One of the very few lotions on the market that actually shifts the toughest waterproof mascaras. And it’s under £2! Bargain!!!

MISTER MASCARA Eyebrow Groomer £4.87.
This double ended brush/comb will keep brows at bay and lashes clump free. After one use, you’ll wonder why you hadn't bought one before! See www.mistermascara.com for more details.

ME ME ME Beat the Blues Highlighter £4.50.
Most illuminators are really pricey, but this one is a steal! Plus it really does the job and livens up those cheekbones no end.

17 Get Cheeky Cream Blush £2.99.
Achieve a radiant and natural flush with this cheeky buy. TIP: Remember to pat the product on - vigorous rubbing will just wipe it off before you've even left the house!


fashionistakay said...

Ughh ths post makes me want to get a manicure!
p.s.check out my blog

LML said...

oooo LOTION makeup remover! that sounds amazing cuz i hate all the alcohol stuff they make you put on your eyes!

Katie said...

I havn't heard of any of those products. They seem fantastic I will have to try them out. But the mod dress with the pink tights seems like a great idea I should defenty do that, thanks. And homecoming is like prom but usually less formal depending on what your school does.

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