Sunday, 3 August 2008

How to wear statement accessories

The new season is just around the corner and the big news is that clothes are out and accessories are in! Actually, please take that with a pinch of salt 'cause we loathe those 'what's hot, what's not' directives. But it's kind of true, statement accessories are the things to invest in. It makes sense if you think about it. While the world is suffering financially, we're practicing chic-onomics which means spending more on clothes that will last more than one season and getting our fashion hits from fun statement accessories. Here's our rundown.

A lot of the clothing trends can be recycled from last autumn so fish out those mini sweater dresses but give them a rethink with some fierce footwear. Peep-toe boots are the 'who's gonna wear that' red herring of the season - trust us, you'll be loving them by November. As trousers hover around the ankle so statement heels are more on show than ever. Patent fetish shoes are numero uno on the trend-o-meter, with lace-up shoe-boots a close second.

We love kitsch when it comes to bags so let's forget reality for a moment and focus on impractical bags. Small, red and doll-like is on our radar - try the Lulu Guinness perspex lips clutch or the heart-shaped minaudiere from Faith.

Who knew the humble headscarf would become the accessory biggie for autumn? Certainly not us but we salute Domenico and Stefano for taking the risk with their silken headwear for D&G. Of course, not many of us will be rocking the Queen Liz look. But that's the beauty of the silk scarf, it doesn't need to be tied under the chin, it can be worn in a bow atop the head a la Amy Winehouse, as a neckerchief Agyness stylee or tied bourgeois-babe style around the strap of your (wish it was) Hermes handbag. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Another fabulous trend to try in the face of financial reining-in. Coloured opaques kicked off last autumn but this year they go mainstream. Which means more choice and cheaper prices. Bingo! Swap your safe black opaques for purple or magenta to add a power-packed punch to this year's grey marl and stealth black outfits. Or do your own version of paint mixing with yellow tights layered over red to make orange - a new take on the old two-for-the-price-of-one deal. Not creative enough? You can always try DIY laddered tights over contrasting opaques for your own spin on the haute-punk trend.

Statement jewellery has become, like make-up before it, something you wear to celebrate feeling good about yourself. It also works as a pick-me-up when you're feeling blah (try it, it works). Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy went overboard with his many-strand gold chain necklaces but you can make an equally strong statement with an heirloom necklace worn with a £5 Breton tee a la Alexa Chung. Don't stop there though, load up on multiple bangles (on both arms!) and a handful of Lagerfeld-style rings.

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