Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Henry hearts Alexa

Having seen Henry Holland's presenting efforts on Vogue.co.uk, it was only a matter of time before he nabbed a TV slot of his own. And whaddaya know, he's hooked up with lady Alexa of Chung to front a weekly fashion programme for T4. Frock Me promises to 'take a tongue-in-cheek insider's look at a different youth culture trend each week, with comment and advice on everything from club chic to sportswear.' Let's hope it's better than Gok's Fashion Fix, eh?

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Wabie Babie said...

i love GOK's FASHION FIX! the last episode of the season was on Thursday, im lookin fwd 2 the new season....this new programme shuld b gd too though, cant wait 2 see it.
Thanx 4 the commnts on my blog, im still loving this blog...keep up the gd work=]!



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