Tuesday, 19 August 2008

At last!

Just as the preppie-punk look reaches its tipping point we bring you the news that Urban Outfitters will be selling the original and best Bass Weejun loafers for autumn/winter. Perfect for teaming with plaid kilts, woolly tights and a boyfriend-sized stripy mohair sweater.


Wabie Babie said...

Omadazee, i LOVE the first green pair..they r stunnin..im def. gna be on the look out for these cuties...xoxo


Anonymous said...

i've been contemplating buying tod's moccasin- what say you?

donna AND navaz said...

Well, Tods are on the grown up side so...depends how old you are. If you're a young groover we prefer the retro appeal of a loafer with white socks and ankle-length stovepipes (yep, like a preppie Michael Jackson!). But if you're channelling a classic Grace-Kelly-does-Capri look then a Tods is the way forward :)

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