Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Oasis does a Willy Wonka

Fashion, chocolate and freebies, are three of our favourite things and Oasis have cleverly wrapped up the three in their easter egg-stravaganza. If you live in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff or Dublin, you can partake in some Willy Wonka-style fun over easter weekend. Just keep your eyes peeled for Oasis staff handing out these eyecatching choccy bars (*cough*, guess who helped design the packaging?) and see what prizes their wrappers contain. It could be anything from a 10% off voucher to a £500 shopping spree.

And if you're not in any of those cities, play the Oasis Facebook game from 30th March to win your prizes instead. If we won the £500 spree, this polka dot cardi would be top of our list...

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