Wednesday, 25 March 2009

How To Wear White Jeans

Last week's sunny spells meant busting out the sunnies, this week the sun continues to smile so we're thinking: white jeans. And we're in good company because MIH Jeans have just alerted us to the news that Natalie Portman has been spotted out in their close-to-perfection cropped, skinny Paris jeans (although personally, we'd draw the line at dog-walking in them). How to do summery white jeans when it's not quite summer? Like this:

1) Add cone-heeled ankle-boots to keep you warm and cover up those pedicure-pending winter feet.

2) Layer up with a boyfriend cardigan in a bright colour over a ruffly blouse if you're dressing up or a slouchy stripy tee to casualise.

3) Channel your inner Gossip Girl with a fitted round-neck Ralph Lauren sweater in a candy colour and a strand or two of pearls. Too posh? Add a vintage Levi's denim jacket with cut-off sleeves for contrast.

4) The perfect partner to any jeans is a leather biker jacket. Make sure yours is cropped and colourful a la this Lee one. Just sling on a fringe-fest shoulder bag and go...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Aplologies if this is you but we just couldn't let this poor girl pass us by on the escalator without stopping her for a photo. She had just had her hair done at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and we adore the cut and colour. Boring old highlights begone!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Pimp Your Peepers

It only takes a glimpse of sun to get us busting our our sunnies so the weekend's blaze of rays made us very perky indeed. Jolly good timing then that we found an email pinging into our inbox from Lazy Oaf extolling the virtues of their latest collection of 'funglasses'.

So what will it be? The retro metal-framed numbers with a flash of primary to colour-clash with your turquoise leopard-print Lanvin-alike dress?

Or perhaps the oversized black-and-fluoro ski-visors?

The Bernhard Willhelm-influenced visor shades with detachable visor offer hours of fun (clip the visor on, clip it off, clip it on, clip it off) while being quite sensible too - who needs a hat, when you have a built-in peak on your sunnies? Certainly not us...

Finally, we saved the best til last, the cat glasses which fold into a cat shape when they're not balancing on your face! Too clever (and cheap too at a mere £12)...

For more fun with funglasses, check out the Lazy Oaf site.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Booty Call

We chased these rock n roll cuban-heeled boots around one of the LFW presentations until we finally plucked up the courage to grill their owner about them. The good news? They're 'random cheap boots by Monkey'. The bad news? You can only get them in Sweden. *Huff*.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Out now!

We weren't sure about YSL's black lip trend last season but this season we're loving their Gloss Pur in No 4 Raspberry - perfect for complementing a Luella-esque cocktail suit. (Don't know what a cocktail suit is? Neither do we. We made it up but it sounds good, no?)

We're also excited about the MAC-meets-Hello-Kitty collab which is on sale now. We saw it unveiled at London Fashion Week in Febuary where we also nabbed a very generous goodie bag. Mmmm, thank you MAC!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Nu rave version 2.0

Thought nu-rave was so last year? Ooh no, it's just been poshed up a bit. How to do it differently:

1) Swap last year's tatty tee for a Sonia by Sonia Rykiel's stripy dress in highlighter-pen pink and white

2) Add a flash of fluoro to your crop skinny jeans and grey marl leotard with Pierre Hardy's radioactive orange heels
3) Luxe things up with Tom Binns' dayglo and diamante bling at Net a Porter (below) or get the look on the cheap from Freedom at Topshop.
4) Make your ankles glow in Sonia by Sonia Rykiel's snazzy supersonic socks
5) Lusting after LV's Stephen Sprouse neon-fest? Not so fast missy. Go for the classier LV totes instead.
6) Need a beauty boost? Try a natty neon nail from Barry M.

[Richard Nicoll pic:; Tom Binns Pic:]

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

M&S does a Uniqlo

We checked out the M&S high summer collection last week and one thought went through our minds on spotting these rainbow-hued denims: Uniqlo!

But we loved, loved, loved the cupcakes (arriving in-store soon), they even let us take some home!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Coca Cola gets the Rykiel touch

We admit we weren't taken with Patricia Fields' Coke bottles (can we say tacky?) but we're still loyal Coke addicts (second to Dr Pepper that is) so we'll give them another chance. The latest collaboration with Nathalie Rykiel (daughter of Sonia Rykiel) is right up our rue. Just look at those stripes!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Microtrend: Haberdashery

While some designers are acting like the recession never happened (that'll be you, Mr Galliano), others are inventing clever new ways to create collections on a shoestring. The more we look, the more we're seeing outfits embellished with leftover bits and bobs from the cutting table and the studio floor. 

Shoulder pad hats and zip fringing were rife at the Aminaka Wilmont presentation, decorative pins at Versace (referencing Liz Hurley's safety pin dress of yore) plus let's not forget Tom Binns' punk-couture safety pin jewellery (below).

This DIY punk ethos is the perfect marriage of chic-onomy and eco-consciousness. Of course, it's nor entirely new, Judy Blame has been doing the 'junk jewellery' thing for years, but by becoming more mainstream, it opens our eyes to the endless possibilities of making something new out of something utilitarian.

How to make a Tom Binns-esque necklace:

Step one: Buy some small gold safety pins. Price £2.

Step two: Raid your mum's jewellery box for two shabby chic diamante necklaces

Step three: Use pins to attach necklaces together

Step four: Voila! Adopt smug expression for your expertise, cost-consciousness and eco-awareness!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

London Fashion Week AW 2009/2010 -The Highlights

Discussing dry-cleaning tips with Ashish: "You need to go to a specialist dry-cleaners if you're dry-cleaning my sequin pieces. Apparently, spot cleaning with vodka also works, but you didn't hear that from me..."

Discussing the perils of hat hair with milliner Piers Atkinson. (Conclusion: Don't take your hat off.)

The 9am view from The Paramount Club windows at the Kinder show (above)

Ghostbusters theme music at Ann-Sofie Back

Socks and heels at Nicole Farhi

London Fashion Week - The Daily, our irreverent news fix from the makers of Rubbish magazine

Decoding the dynamics of FRFs (Front Row Friends) - ie, celebs who are forced to have their photos taken together simply because they are famous and sitting next to each other

The Zoe & Morgan jewellery stand - a girl can never have too many charm necklaces after all

Eley Kishimoto's print-layered air-hostess outfits

Beatrix Ong's origami flats

Kokon To Zai's stripy blazers

Timmy Woods' spangly poodle bags. No, really!

Kate Sheridan's leather jewellery - going into the TATE shop any day now...

Quiffs at Graeme Black

Beehives at Mary Katrantzou

Laura Lees' amazing film and incredible embroidered collection

The Stephen Jones exhibition preview - hat heaven!

Papa Razzi's puffy bow bags

Thursday, 5 March 2009

We love Tim

Can we just say how much we're loving these new Tim Walker pics for Aquascutum?

But...we feel we've seen them somewhere before. Perhaps in this very early Tim Walker shoot from way back when? Cute!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Caryn Franklin and Pam Hogg tick all the trend boxes

In case you didn't get the memo, the eighties is back in all its theatrical glory. The revival of the dress-up-and-party decade was underscored last night at i-D magazine's SOUL i-D book launch with a mammoth exhibition organised by Diesel and Christies. Jostling for cocktails and blinis were Alfie Allen, Jaime Winstone and Nick Grimshaw, but showing the young pretenders how it's done were party pros and old pals Caryn Franklin and Pam Hogg (basking in a post-LFW afterglow and sporting a rather elegant wet-look cape dress). We couldn't help lusting after Ms Franklin's spectacular old-skool biker jacket. Biker chic has been tearing up the runways in every fashion capital so far - trust Caryn (a former i-D fashion editor) to be ahead of the curve. Now where's our stud gun?
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