Monday, 23 March 2009

Pimp Your Peepers

It only takes a glimpse of sun to get us busting our our sunnies so the weekend's blaze of rays made us very perky indeed. Jolly good timing then that we found an email pinging into our inbox from Lazy Oaf extolling the virtues of their latest collection of 'funglasses'.

So what will it be? The retro metal-framed numbers with a flash of primary to colour-clash with your turquoise leopard-print Lanvin-alike dress?

Or perhaps the oversized black-and-fluoro ski-visors?

The Bernhard Willhelm-influenced visor shades with detachable visor offer hours of fun (clip the visor on, clip it off, clip it on, clip it off) while being quite sensible too - who needs a hat, when you have a built-in peak on your sunnies? Certainly not us...

Finally, we saved the best til last, the cat glasses which fold into a cat shape when they're not balancing on your face! Too clever (and cheap too at a mere £12)...

For more fun with funglasses, check out the Lazy Oaf site.

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