Sunday, 8 March 2009

Microtrend: Haberdashery

While some designers are acting like the recession never happened (that'll be you, Mr Galliano), others are inventing clever new ways to create collections on a shoestring. The more we look, the more we're seeing outfits embellished with leftover bits and bobs from the cutting table and the studio floor. 

Shoulder pad hats and zip fringing were rife at the Aminaka Wilmont presentation, decorative pins at Versace (referencing Liz Hurley's safety pin dress of yore) plus let's not forget Tom Binns' punk-couture safety pin jewellery (below).

This DIY punk ethos is the perfect marriage of chic-onomy and eco-consciousness. Of course, it's nor entirely new, Judy Blame has been doing the 'junk jewellery' thing for years, but by becoming more mainstream, it opens our eyes to the endless possibilities of making something new out of something utilitarian.

How to make a Tom Binns-esque necklace:

Step one: Buy some small gold safety pins. Price £2.

Step two: Raid your mum's jewellery box for two shabby chic diamante necklaces

Step three: Use pins to attach necklaces together

Step four: Voila! Adopt smug expression for your expertise, cost-consciousness and eco-awareness!

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