Monday, 8 June 2009

Helen Asher's Make-up Recommendations

We had lunch with Helen Asher, make-up artist for Dazed, Man About Town and this amazing La Roux CD cover. Never mind this season's coral nail and peach lip, we decided to put her on the spot (whoops, no pun intended) and quiz her on the essential make-up components of her own beauty kit. What day-to-day products does a make-up pro use herself?

Best every day mascara - Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long Wearing Formula
"This mascara is perfect for everyday wear. It has a really good brush and the formula of the mascara is amazing. It can withstand tears, rain, humidity, sweat. It does not run down your face giving the dreaded panda eyes - every girl's nightmare. And if you want to remove it you can just wet your fingers or cotton pad and wipe! It won't leave any smears."

Best all-night-long mascara 
"The Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes is my favorite. The sphere-shaped tip of the wand is amazing. It really grips onto the eyelashes individually, separating each lash to make them longer and you can really get to the roots of the eyelashes. And when the wand is pulled out for application there is always the right amount of mascara on it. The texture of the mascara is fantastic. It's thick without being gluggy, dense in colour and stays on without running! Perfect for all night long."

Best face wipes  - Simple Face Wipes
"Face wipes are easy, very practical and a great invention, however, I tend to stick with a good natural cream cleanser which can be washed off with water or a water-based cleanser. I tend to find that most face wipes have a lot of chemicals in them, leaving the face coated with a layer of it. On the occasions that I do use them it will be the Simple range. They seem to be gentle on the skin, especially around the eye area."

Holy grail lipgloss that's always in your kit
"My favourite lip gloss would be the Givenchy Pop-Gloss range. Firstly I am a sucker for packaging -  I like the cleanlines of the rectangular tube. But most importantly, the texture of the gloss is perfect. It's not gluggy or super-sticky. And the colour range is fab. Some have a slight shimmery-glitter to them which picks up the light perfectly."

What's the tip everyone always asks you? 
"'How do I make my eyes look bigger?'  This is a question that I'm asked a lot. Firstly, curling your eyelashes will do the trick, this automatically opens up the eyes. Use a good pair of eyelash curlers. Shu Uemura do the best ones - every girl should invest in a pair of these. Secondly, choose an eyeliner pencil to suit and apply it right into the base and rim of your upper eye-lashes. It's more like a subtle smudge rather then a hard line. This instantly thickens the lashes. And thirdly apply a coat of mascara! Doing those three simple steps will instantly give "kapow" to your eyes.

So there you have it. We are so going to try the Givenchy Pop-Gloss range, have ditched our face wipes already (no, really) and 'gluggy' is our new favourite word!

To see more of Helen's work, check out her website

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