Saturday, 20 June 2009

ASOS Ltd 100

The ASOS Ltd 100 is nearly upon us for the third year running and we were invited to the launch party on Thursday to view the talent on offer. 100 students from London College of Fashion have had their work selected by an expert panel to be included in the exclusive sale. Our favourite designer was Rie Bromley who has three of her leather and bead necklaces in the sale which goes live on on 3rd July. If you fancy one of these, make-sure you cancel all plans for July 3rd. You need to be super-speedy on the mouse as last year, every item was sold in two minutes flat. The good news is that some of the pieces are very reasonable indeed, each is a one-off and all the profits go to the designers.

[Double click the pics to enlarge]


Simes. said...

Hey! Ur blog is so cool.
Take a look of ours whenever u want!

Kat said...

love the second necklace

rie said...

hi Donna and Navaz;
Thank you so much for including me in your blog; what an honour!! X Rie Bromley.

chihiro/miwako said...

Hi! Rie.

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