Thursday, 8 January 2009

Donna & Navaz's top 10 fashion micro-trends for Spring-Summer 2009

Enough of the sales already! It feels like they've been on for a month. Oh. They have? Here's what we're looking forward to for Spring...

1. Bra tops
These were all over the runway (Prada's), ergo will be all over the high street in the coming weeks and the clubs in the weeks thereafter. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Then consider layering your skimpy bra top over a (darker) contrast-coloured top for tummy-disguising purposes!

2. Platform wedges (again)
Oh, how we love a second-time-around trend. Wedges were the go-to shoe for all those high-waist flared jeans a few seasons ago and now they're back just in time to complement frilly frocks and baggy shorts. How pretty are Bottega Veneta's floral fancies? Just add ankle socks.

3. Pen and paper
Iphone, schmiphone, we're going back to proper correspondence. Fish out that old Hello Kitty notepaper set (you know, the one you got all excited about but never used) and send a pal a letter - just because you can!

4. Hats
Let's all get hat-happy in preparation for Stephen Jones' Hats: An Anthology exhibition at the V&A in February. Bagsy this Sonia Rykiel beret!

5. Love Magazine
The new fashion bible being launched in February by Conde Nast UK and headed up by Katie Grand. If anyone can save the mighty fall of the magazine industry, this one can. (Er, Like, no pressure or anything.)

6. Pyjama dressing
What could be more decadent than wearing some fabulous silk pyjamas out clubbing before flopping straight into bed, no change necessary. Oh Stefano and Domenico, you're really spoiling us...

7. ASOS Denim
Woo hoo, how excited are we? Champing at the bit because you can't afford the Acne/Lanvin denim collab? Neither can we. But's new denim range launches in February, and we quote, "ASOS Denim boasts fashion styles such as utililty washed jumpsuits, ripped skinnies, raw-edged waistcoats and floral drainpipes." Diaries out everyone...

8. Natty knitwear
We're liking the colourful stripage from Central St Martins graduates, Cooperative Designs as well as Graduate Fashion Week's winner of the Pringle Visionary Knitwear Award, Ria Thomas. Now can we see some innovative (but affordable) knits on the high street please?

9. Obi belts
Ooh a nice, easy DIY trend we can all try courtesy of Marc Jacobs. Step 1: Find long rectangle scarf. Step 2: wind tightly round waist. Step 3: Secure with vintage brooch, hat pin or badge.

10. Fun-glasses
Boring Wayfarers begone - we've had enough of you! We're far more excited about the wacky confections from the likes of Nathan Jenden. For 2009, face furniture should be fun!

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