Friday, 20 August 2010

Channeling Elaine Benes: The new maxi dress

Wait, did we just say we were loving short girlie dresses? Scratch that, we changed our minds. (We're allowed, that's fashion for you.) News just in says that Elaine Benes (Seinfeld) has been anointed style icon status for the coming season. What does that mean? It means long sleeved maxi dresses, lace-up brogue-type shoes, ankle socks, oversized blazers or biker jackets and big bouffy hair.

We're down with the long-sleeved droopy dresses and ankle socks combo. We noticed the look earlier in the year at various festivals and it's a newer take on the maxi dress that is a welcome change from 70s hippie. Frankly, we never want to see the word 'boho' again. The long-sleeved maxi lends itself to a variety of looks, so when you're done with the sock- and-brogues Elaine Benes look, you can try a tall stack-heeled boot or - if's a silk or chiffon dress - a pair of simple heels. Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashley Olsen would agree...

New York times]

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