Saturday, 30 January 2010

Would you wear... frumpy flats?

We're in a quandary over the whole flats vs heels thing. We love heels for their height (duh) and general gorgeousness but flats are calling our name too. What to do?

If you're all about comfort shoes, you'll love these frumpy flats from Clarks. The sandals are very Chloe ss10 while the clogs are clearly going to be the shoe of the season (well if Alexa says so...).

We can feel ourselves being drawn to frumpy flats with each passing day. You...?


ATEH JEWEL said...

Hi guys,
I am loving your blog!!! I am totally all about flat shoes. I did heels in my teens / early 20s and used to be in agony at the end of the day or night but then I thought sod this. I now look at Posh's bunions and think thank God that could be me!
Ateh xxxx

Blue said...

i love those frumpy flats. I just bought two pairs for extra frumpyness .x

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