Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Are we ready to bring back bum bags?

Sheesh, we're in a quandary. Should we be scared or excited about the impossible-to-ignore return of the bum bag for next season? Because they're back in a big way, and in Louis Vuitton's case, an XXXL way. Amongst the colossal furry tails and hairy clogs at LV's ss10 press day we couldn't miss this double-trouble helping of bumbag - yep two for the price of one.

The following day we spotted these natty numbers at River Island, talk about showing some love for LV!

This floral bumbag by Sabrina Dehoff at Urban Outfitters is growing on us (pun intended)...

This Marc by Marc bumbag is almost elegant...

The verdict? We're still undecided. Ask us again in 2010.

[Catwalk pic: Ashish/]

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