Tuesday, 15 September 2009


We were lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Cheryl Cole yesterday! A few select journo's (ahem, that's us!) were invited to quizz her about her new role as Ms Beauty Queen (aka the new face of L'Oreal Paris). After a natter over cupcakes (yes, she did eat one) and tea, she let us into a sneaky peak inside her make-up bag. And inside we spotted her new must-have new foundation buy:

"This is a recent obsession," she said. "I love the new applicator. Oh my god, I put it on in the car the other day when I was running late, and I thought let me just try that - it was on within two seconds. Why has no one ever made this before? I should’ve thought of it 'cos my dad is a painter and decorator. It gives very even coverage. I’m well impressed with that one."

Aaaah, don't you just love 'er!


rachel said...

OMG! I lurveeeeee Cheryl :):)
and that's really cool; she's the new face of Loreal right?

Phoebe said...

Aren't you lucky!
I'm too scared to try this product.. it would remind me too much of paint :/

Sharifa said...

AHHHH,you're so lucky.I'm proud of you guys:)

Anonymous said...

Aw I love her. I can just imagine her saying that!

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