Sunday, 10 May 2009

We Love This: Fluorescent PR

So much to love at the Fluorescent PR press day. From the cheesecakes-in-tea-cups that looked almost too pretty to eat (we said almost) to the cross stitch kits by Urban Cross Stitch, we could have happily moved in for the entire afternoon. Our favourite discovery was Andrea Garland's skincare products which contain no nasties and aren't tested on bunnies. But the best bit was her gorgeous, romantic packaging. We couldn't decide between the refillable lipbalm tins or the travel kits - vintage tin boxes than come with a teensy silk scarf and a selection of vintage bottles filled with product.


Julia said...

Yeah, the tv does work, but only in black white. the sound is not really good, but it looks so classic!!

the tea cups look so cute!

Marian said...

oh loving the cheesecakes in teacups! how darling.oh congrats on the recommendation in Vogue!
muah x

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