Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Cheap as chips

Mulberry's new designer, Emma Hill told Vogue she loves fish and chips. Well, we'd expect nothing less - she's a Brit after all. We bet she'd secretly love to swap one of her ladybags for Red Hot Ruby's organic cotton tote (£9.50) next time she takes a leisurely promside stroll. And who does the best fish and chips in England? We asked Red Hot Ruby designer, our pal Juliette Wills: "The best 'plaice' (ahem) is Bankers in Brighton. You can have a proper sit down dinner without coming away reeking of the deep-fat fryer. The portions are generous, the menu is huge and my tip is to get a takeaway on a balmy summer's evening and head straight down to the seafront with it. Fish and chips on the beach, but nicer than if you bought fish and chips from somewhere actually on the beach." Thank you Miss Wills. (For more of Brighton's secret snack spots, check the Red Hot Ruby Brighton Guide...)

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