Thursday, 13 November 2008


Hair and nail extensions were always way too WAG for us, but we're all over the hot new extension obsession...for eyelashes!!! On a recent trip to Edinburgh, one of our favourite fashion PR friends sent us to be "lashed" at the city's gorgeous new beauty apothecary, Dollyleo. The gorge owner Sadie, (one of the country's top lash extension experts) spent a painstaking 2 HOURS gluing them to our lashes. But OMG! was it worth it...our Twiggy-esque eyes made us feel like we'd just been de-wrapped from the dressing up box (in an unBarbie way of course)! And nearly 10 days later, they are ALL still there! The process can drain one's purse, (Sadie charges £160 for the first application, and then from £30 for inbetween add ons), but just think of all that money you'll save on mascara!?! Er...

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