Friday, 2 May 2008

New shoes

The fifties revival has been in full flow for several seasons - witness all the prom dresses and big skirt action that's been going on for like, ever. But we prefer the more tomboy version we've been seeing: big plaid flannel shirts, quiffy hair-dos and baggy 501s (turn-ups optional). We're also noticing great strides in fifties unisex footwear, namely moccasin flats, Bass Weejun loafers and Topsider boating shoes. Cuteness! The one that's really rocking our world though is the brothel creeper. Vagabond have excelled with their offering for next season (that's only *counts*, two, three, four months away), perfect with super-skinny jeans although we'd love to see more brothel creepers worn with short pouffy cocktail dresses like the ones at Luella.

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pockets full of posies said...

omg u will never guess what my suprise birthday gift was
my mom took me on a trip to puerto rico
i was gone all weekend so i wanted to say hi :) ♥

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