Saturday, 15 March 2008

Waiting for Spring

It may be officially spring but that doesn't mean the bitter gales and showers storms are anywhere near abating. So all those wafer-thin floral frocks and barely-there blouses are going to have to wait a wee while longer. Why do designers even bother to have seasons? Climate change has made things so chaotic surely it makes more sense to load on the layers all year round? Looking at next autumn's shows, the go-to layering piece seems to be the humble poloneck (or turtleneck if you're a stateside reader). Missoni got the look totally nailed with their smart teal-n-tan take on seventies working-girl layers (and they've even done sunglasses for autumn!). Get in there now with a jersey poloneck from American Apparel, just the thing to go under a flirty flouncy frock until summer comes round.

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