Monday, 2 July 2007

Cute Or Tacky?

So the Juicy Couture tracksuit trend died like, years ago but the Juicy girls continue to woo the LA party posse with their bags and trinkets. Who knows if these charms (from are sweet or sickly, we just want to pile them on and make like Paris (yeah, she's going through a good-girl phase but we reckon that will last oh... all of ten seconds).


Ana said...

the deer charm is adorable and juicy also does have some cute astrological sign charms.
thanks for the comment on my blog :-)

supbabiboo said...

love the charms. i have a bracelet. juicy tracksuits never did and never will die, they make new ones all the time & ppl buy them all the time sooo that's where you're wrong.

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