Monday, 11 June 2007

This Summer's New Accessory

There seems to be a new trend on the block and no it’s not the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, the YSL Downtown bag or the Prada turban. No people, we're talking about the fashion-forward rock-star boyfriend. As per usual, Lady Kate of Moss started the trend, oh yonks ago, with her scruffy-chic beau Pete Doherty. Look beyond the icky fingernails and boil-ridden skin and there is an iota of style lurking. His look is a street-dandyish mish-mash of skinny jeans, pork pie hat and polo shirts, topped off with a natty pair of Dior Homme (I’m guessing) boots and the occasional Crombie coat.

Exhibit B is Blake Fielder-Civil, husband of Amy Winehouse. This modern-day rude-boy sports an unchanging uniform of skinny jeans, pork pie hat and skimpy polo shirts…oh hang on a minute…these seem rather similar to the aforementioned Doherty. Oh well, Fielder-Civil is actually more pleasing to the eye so we’ll let the similarities pass.

Exhibit C is Mr Jamie Burke, sometime partner of Sienna Miller. This impossibly pretty boy tries to play his looks down with shaggy, shabby hair but really he’s a posh boy in (wannabe) rock star clothing. His signature look? Unwashed jeans, rocker rings and ‘check me out, paparazzis’ dark shades.

And finally, the car crash that is Kirsten Dunst’s rollercoaster romance, Johnny Borrell. Actually we may be being a bit harsh. The Razorlight lads are well styled at times, they wear Nudie jeans after all, but we simply cannot erase the image of Borrell’s MET Ball attire of black jeans tucked into cowboy boots from our bruised retinas. So, so wrong, however good your music is and however A-list your date.

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