Friday, 20 April 2007

Polish Palava

When is a good time to paint your nails? At night-time you risk leaving duvet imprints on the newly varnished surfaces, and anytime prior to that, everyday shannanigans just leaves them smudged before you can say pass me the remover! Even whilst tapping at a keyboard you run the risk of chipping the edges down to the cuticle!

We've practiced all the quick-drying tips too - plunging freshly painted nails in cold water seems to be the best, but it certainly doesn't leave them dry to the touch! And fast-dry polishes never seem to set in the super-speedy time that's promised on the packaging! If any of you have scheduled a time for a perfect polish plan - please let us know!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Trend Report Part 2

More cool autumn/winter previews – check out these adorable purses from Insight and pouches from Armand Basi. One in every colour please!

Trend Report Part 1

It’s the autumn/winter press previews for the next few weeks and it’s all very interesting to see the new trends coming through. Some micro trends we’ve spied already – printed denim at People’s Market (why did no-one think of it before?), sweatshirt dresses and cardigan-dresses (the new sweater-dress) at Benetton, Boxfresh and Fornarina and necklace dresses (er …dresses with necklaces attached) at French Connection and Religion. Keep reading for more updates on what we'll be wearing come September.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

To Tan Or Not To Tan?

Apparently, it's no longer chic to have a tan...recently we spoke to Kate Moss' favourite make-up artist Mary Greenwell who said it's better to enhance your natural skin colour with sheeny catch-the-light moisturisers rather than try and change it with fake tan!

But we do like a daily dose of bronzer. Okay, we're not into a chavvy day-glo as seen on the likes of many a D-list celebrity, but we still say sun-kissed makes you feel and look better.

So we say if you're going to do it, just make sure it's subtle! Try one of those new everyday moisturisers that contain a hint of fake tan. We love Garnier's new one - Summer Body Radiant Look Nourishing Cream. Just apply it like a regular cream - just make sure you wash your hands afterwards.

Happy (safe) tanning...
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